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Book of Love (2002 film)

Book of Love, also known as Book of Love: The Definitive Reason Why Men Are Dogs, is a 2002 romantic comedy film , written and directed

Romantic Short Film - Love BookRomantic Short Film – Love Book
For more Frienship Day films, go to: It’s a story of a lonely boy, who is new in town. He joins an institute but doesn’t makes friend with anyone. Than he meets with a girl…

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on-the-wings-of-love-book-trailer-5698325On the Wings of LoveBook Trailer
from nrrstone, 3 years ago in
Bush pilot Wiley Hart loves Alaska and her airplane, but she won’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to flying…or love. Making million dollar business deals is right up Dexter Sweeney’s alley. Any time, any place is his motto, unless it involves flying. Their worlds collide when Dexter hires Wiley to fly him to a remote gold camp in Alaska on business. Forced to face their fears head on, they will embark on a journey through the vast Alaskan wilderness. Along the way they will

'All I Love and Know' by Judith Frank
Boston Globe, on Sun, 20 Jul 2014 20:56:15 -0700
The book is not always an easy or fast read, but a thoughtful one. Frank delves into politics, both on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and on gay rights. The first is handled with a deft hand, the second, with almost a sleight of hand, making the

Love Is Forever: A Children's Book That Helps Kids Deal …
That's precisely what writer Casey Rislov, who holds a master's degree in elementary education and has an intense interest in special needs, and Minneapolis-based children's book illustrator Rachel Balsaits explore in Love …

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